Google Analytics

How Does Google Analytics Help Your Hunting Website?

Simple: Google Anaytics will tell you exactly how people use your website...and then, you adjust your website to give them *more* of what they want!

Google Analytics is free, but it's not easy. Google Analytics has a wide array of configuration settings, analysis utilities, data export & import options, and an ever-growing list of features. Knowing the best way to apply these capabilities to your site requires a significant amount of technical and marketing experience. At the end of the ga-serviceday, you'll get the best performance from your website by enlisting the help of an expert. Every member of the Brush Country Web team has passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam -- our latest just passed with a 94%! -- which certifies that we have the expertise to help you get the most from Google Analytics.


Using Google Analytics we helped Los Cazadores
increase page views AND new visitors by almost 20% over one year!

We offer a few types of services for Google Analytics:

  • Ongoing Analysis -- GA is best used when you monitor it for trends. Our ongoing analysis will help you identify the important trends for your business and use those trends to generate leads and ultimately more business.
  • Consulting -- If you have a specific goal e.g. integrating Google Analytics with a 3rd party shopping cart, contact us to see how our consulting services can help. We'll give you an assessment of your project and what it will take to complete the job.
  • Start-up Plans -- For companies new to Google Analytics, we offer two packages (a 5-hour and a 10-hour) designed to introduce Google Analytics into your business while keeping costs under control. These engagements typically include assistance with installation and configuration, analysis, establishment of performance benchmarks, and end-user training.


Great job getting our site setup and using Google Analytics. We can now watch the trends on the site easily and adjust our content based on the data we're getting. It's taken a lot of the guess work out of what to do."  -- Trey Moore, Los Cazadores Deer Contest & Hunting Headquaters